Complete woman

Dear (name)

I´ve never knew someone so good at the art of making love. You are everything a man can expect of a woman. When I first saw you, I could never imagine what was behind this ingenuous and angelic face, your unsuspected manners of a normal family girl.
Since that night when we went to bed, I´ve never felt a better sensation, it feels like it was a dream, a summer night´s dream. You clearly outstripped all my expectations, and never again a woman made me cum so much in this life. Nothing was the same since that night.
Your long, perfumed, soft and dark hair drives me insane whatever unusual position we try, they seem to cover all over the bed sometimes and get my body tickling in excitement when they lightly touch exhaling your female scent. Then due to our moves comes the sweat and combined with your fragrance we get the aroma of sin.
You are the best in bed. A thoroughly complete woman. You were born to have sex. You know by heart the meanders of a man, showing this priceless quality of an insatiable woman, and taking me to the edge of the sexual pleasure. But you really know how to keep it all well hidden...
When I caress your body I feel your imediate response. It comes in the form of delicious moans and low sharp screams you let out when I begin touching and kissing your body, and they keep reaching a crescendo until it all bursts into multiple orgasms. You are truly the perfect nynpha, dirty and angelic, mysterious and unrestrainable.