Zodiac Signs

For the Libra friend

Dear (name),
How can you gather some many good qualities in just one person? If, on the one hand, you show such a vibrant and endless intelligence, on the other hand, the size of your love filled heart is quite obvious. Is that the path to balance, the balance that Libra’s like you constantly aim for?
My friend, the only purpose of this letter is to tell you of all the affection I feel for someone as special as you. You can listen and you know how to wait for the right moment to speak up your mind; despite being grumpy, confused or agitated at times, your best moments are the ones you’re calm, graceful, gentle and charming. In your inner fight to reach harmony, you’re always able to establish the ideal balance point. And that’s what really matters: you always reach it!
And don’t worry when they criticize you for taking so long to make decisions. You know that, in the end, you always do what’s right. Maybe having a naïve and gullible heart that unstoppably fights against your refined intelligence, is what makes you the way you are, someone who’s capable of analyzing each problem line by line.
Speaking of intelligence, how clever are you at approaching people and avoiding crowds! And that’s the fundamental thing, that and the way we can see right through you when you like someone… Another proof of your balance is the way you like yourself, by indulging in all that life as to give and preserving yourself, whenever necessary, thus avoiding body and mental crises! And it’s because you’re so special and so full of good qualities that I feel so happy to be your friend.

An affectionate hug from