We can still be friends

I know you’re mad at me. I also know you have all the right reasons for being that way, but allow me to call you Friend, because what has happened between (name), your ex-boyfriend and I was a childish thing on my part to begin with, but it grew to a dimension I could have never imagined, something totally beyond my control.
When I realized that I was completely in love with him, I became totally confused, not knowing what to do to conciliate such a strong feeling with my most profound and honest desire to still be friends with you, even though you must be thinking I betrayed your trust and loyalty, over a short and irresponsible fling. I know that it can be difficult and that you may feel uneasy in the beginning. It will be the same for me. But I think we can talk about what has happened, I think we will be able to reach the conclusion that we have no power over destiny, that some things are stronger than our will, and that, if he’s with me today and not with you that’s because it was meant to be… Just the same, I want you to know that I care for you. I want you to know that I would still very much like to enjoy our friendship and that I will do everything in my power to make you feel as happy as you’ve always been, and soon. I would like to see you laughing at all that’s happened, happy and with a new brand love, but always keeping in mind that, despite everything, we are still friends.
Like I said before, it may not be easy in the beginning, but I honestly believe we will overcome this episode. Call me, if and when you like.

A hug