Zodiac Signs

For the Sagittarius girlfriend

My dear,

You know I’m totally hooked on your cheerfulness and the freedom you lead your life, although I sometimes feel you’re nothing but a confidant and naive child who needs protection.
Not wanting to interfere with or put any chains on your need to live freely and carelessly, facing the world with joy and no formalities, I’m here to offer you all my affection and to tell you some of the reasons I love you so much:
First of all, I feel good to be next to someone who’s so upfront and honest. Maybe you don’t even realize it, but every now and then I hear some remarkable comments on facts and people coming from those lovely lips of yours. And ever now and then I also hear you say some special things to me, which fill my heart with joy and tenderness.
I’m proud to be with someone intelligent like you. Your mentality is logically absurd and your sense of humor, sometimes sarcastic, is typical of someone with a privileged mind like yours.
I love the way you handle money, because I know you couldn’t care less, you’re only interested in the nice things you can buy with it: good restaurants, wine, trips and beautiful clothes (the kind that make you even more beautiful!). I love the idealistic way you face life and your capability to accept the world just the way it is but, at the same, believing that everything will improve and get better. Finally, my love, I sense in you a unique and peculiar charm, which I can’t quite describe, but which has surely turned me into your happy prisoner.

A kiss from