Zodiac Signs

For the Sagittarius boyfriend

My darling,
My sweet and hopeless optimist. I love your enthusiasm and your blind faith in life, you know? I like to believe in your hopes and dreams and share them with you, higher as they may be, because I know you’re an intelligent person and if you have high hopes that’s because you believe your dreams may become true, and your logic should point in that direction.
I believe in your free spirit and your honest and talkative way. Sometimes it’s funny how you talk without thinking... and it’s even funnier when you realize some mistake you made and you try to correct it. But it’s OK because your bright charm and your luck, sooner or later will sort things out. You really are charming!
I love to hear about your ideas, let you dream by my side, make travel and adventure plans with you. I like to know you’re free to walk, fly and think. I dig your inquisitive side, that ability to become interested in several things at the same time and your wish to have an intense social life.
Some say you’re not very romantic and your love life is superficial. I don’t believe that, because I feel that the love that comes from you is sincere, so sincere that I don’t feel the least jealous and I don’t feel the need to constantly be glued to you. Did you know that one of the things I love the most is giving you presents? I can see your joy every time I do it, even when I give you something as plain as for instance a pen. Your eyes shine like a child on Christmas Eve.

Darling, today I’ve nothing to give you, apart from a big and sweet kiss.
Will you take it?