Zodiac Signs

For the Aquarius friend


I honestly don’t know if you’re a genius or a mad person sometimes, but one thing is for sure, you’re way ahead of your time. I say this without any regrets or other intentions, I know that, deep down, you also think that everyone in the XXII century is thinking exactly the same way as you.
Maybe that’s why you have such fun working on theories or adopting behaviors that are considered choking and eccentric by today’s society. You’re charmingly drastic and revolutionary, neglecting conformity and sameness, thus enabling you to always maintain a kind and peaceful expression.
Besides, everyone seems to be your friend. At least you think they all are; in a way, I can understand that you probably knew everyone you’ve ran into at some stage of your life, given the fact that you have an acute perception, which is strange, and you’re not afraid to tactlessly ask the more incisive questions, but in the simple and honest way of someone who holds no prejudices.
You’re a kind and wonderful person, and despite that indiscreet tendency of yours to analyze other people’s souls, you deserve all my credit and my trust, because I know that when stand still and you’re mind seems to drift way to distant places and you have that strange, drifting, dreamy expression in your face, that’s because you’re thinking about good things for all of us!

With a kiss from