Zodiac Signs

For the Pisces friend

Dear friend,

I’ll start by stating a simple truth, something you probably never thought about: you’re stronger than you think and cleverer than you look, all you have to do is acknowledge that!
That truth is, because your so sweet and you always tend to see everything through beauty and kind lenses, you sometimes end up being ran over by the worldly facts and scenarios. I guess you forget that we have to stand up in life and live it to the full, and instead you put yourself in a greenhouse imagining that what ever happens around you is an illusion passing by and all that really matters is your own dream. Careful, my friend, sometimes you’re too sweet to those who surround you and not so forgiving with yourself. I’m not saying you should be less merciful and less willing to help others. No! All I’m saying is that you should be aware that reality can sometimes be a bit cruel and that if a dream doesn’t come true when you would have wanted, you can let yourself go down with disappointment.
You’re one of the best friends on the planet and you need to believe in your potential and stop being so unsettles; apart from the born qualities to your natural element (Water), you all the aspirations of Fire, the love of nature which is typical of Hearth, and the love of debate and conciliation of Air.

Hugs and kisses