Break Up

No more!


I know you are unable to see and hear me, I know you are suffering in this isolation, but I have to tell you that this situation is very difficult to bear.
I have no doubt that this absence of yours is mistreating me more than yourself and, as much as we have gone through pleasant moments and strong emotions together, I need to move on with my life, I need to think about myself and my happiness again.
You know, I really hope you get out of this situation and get your life back together with the joy of living. I trust in your willpower and I believe in your ability. I know you will come out of this for the better, much better.
I don't want you to feel responsible for me. I also know that you will find someone very nice who will make your life lighter and more pleasant. I root for you to have better and happy days.
I say goodbye here.

A kiss and good luck!