To the insurance broker

My dear,

Do you know that when I met you, I immediately thought of taking out personal insurance, or rather, fire insurance, such was the heat that took hold of me? I also considered taking out health insurance, as I had a violent tachycardia.
But, as I don't understand these things well, and to avoid accidents, I decided not to take any action without talking to you. I wanna know your best plan for me and what would be the cost-benefit ratio when I join your company.
After you explained in detail the advantage of having you as my broker, I decided that the best thing to do, is put my destiny in your hands. You can insure everything that is mine, because I assure you that the risk I present is almost nil, and I have no pre-existing illness, other than this chronic longing for you.< br> Ah, I just want you to make me feel safe and confident in the future... just your presence is enough to give me peace of mind, because being away from you is sinister, very sinister!
Let's do this: stop by my house tonight. I'm dying to see this policy of yours soon.

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