May you have nothing but good memories

Dear (name),

Although our affair is over, I still feel the need to tell you that I care about you, I think about you with a lot of affection and nostalgia.
With this letter, I’m not asking you to come back to me; I only want you to not forget me and to have nothing but good memories of our past. I’m sorry ours was such a short story. I’m sorry it ended so soon, because my heart was still crying for more. As I said before, I only want to see you happy. I just feel a glimpse of sorrow for not being able to share that happiness anymore.
I don’t know what happened, I can’t understand where we went wrong, but I must admit that unfortunately it’s over. I want you to keep me as a good friend, I want you to know I still worry about you; I like to know you are doing well, both physically and spiritually.
Again, I hope that of all we’ve lived when we were together nothing but the good memories remain. A big hug and a tender kiss from this friend of yours, who still keeps you deep in his/her heart,

Be happy, always