Dear friends, it’s my birthday today!

My dear friends,

Today’s my birthday and I have something serious to tell you: of all the things I’ve got in life, of all the things I have received since I was born, the most important ones have been (and still are) the love of my parents and your true honest friendship.
It’s very reassuring to know that in such a turbulent and dangerous world, with so many difficulties and traps, you can still count with the support of people like you, who are always near by to give a helping hand, a hug and treat me with affection and kindness!
I feel privileged to be able to enjoy your always-pleasant company. I feel privileged to know that I always have someone I can totally rely on to tell my problems and worries and – mostly – with whom to share my joys and successes!
So this is how it goes: today’s my birthday and all I have to say is that your presence is the best present I could receive!

Kisses from