Happy Birthday and... don’t be modest!

Dear (name)

Happy Birthday! After all, it’s not every day you celebrate your birthday, is it? Look, you may even try to avoid these birthday wishes, by saying it’s not a merit and that time goes by in the exact same way for everybody and that it’s nothing but a convention, and so on.
But you do deserve it! You deserve it because of the way you occupy your days, the intelligent, cheerful and pleasant way you spend your time; your good mood and willingness to go that extra mile to help your friends, even those who turn to be not such good friends after all!
You deserve it just because of the way you are, the way you look upon the world and the way you rejoice with all that’s good and beautiful. So, it’s important you live for many years to come and that you remain the way you are, alive and witty, for it’s people like you that make this a better world to live on. If each one of us has to do his or hers share for this to happen, rest assured you’re one of those who’s actually doing it and you’re very good at it!
So stop being modest and accept my sincere wishes for a happy birthday! May you have a great day!

A hug